Master 8x12 Adjustable Climbing Wall
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Master 8x12 Adjustable Climbing Wall


 The classic 8x12 world standard

  • Complete kit includes: Mounting Brackets, Hoist, Russian Birch Panels
  • Bolts to a structural floor and hangs from a structural wall or beam
  • Grasshopper, Kilter, Tension, Moon, spray hold layout & LED compatible
  • Adjusts from 20-70 degrees
  • Minimal footprint allows adjacent installation for a massive adjustable surface
  • Precision engineered with patents pending
  • Requires consultation with licensed contractor prior to installation


  • Climbing Wall above hinge is 8'W x 12'H (Moon/Tension standard)
  • Kick Board Base below hinge is 96.5" wide and 18" high. 12" depth required for stabilizing gussets
  • Total Clear Height is 128" @ 40º and 154" @ 20º
Length 13 feet
Width 13 feet
Height 13 feet 20 degrees
Your Total $9,300

USA Climbing Head Coach Josh Larson. Josh directed the brilliant layout of the Grasshopper Board

Cece Kopf at the USA Climbing Training Center

Ben Hanna at Pusher / Grasshopper HQ

Nathaniel Colman on the Grasshopper Board

Central Rock Gym, Cambridge

Ally Dorey at Pusher / Grasshopper HQ

Dual (16' x 12') spray wall set by Josh Larson and Ben Hanna at the USA Climbing Training Center

Chris Sharma sampling a Tension setup on our Master 8x12 Freestanding OG Crank

Frequently Asked Questions

What structure do I need to hang a Master Wall?

We can send your contractor or you a specs list to determine if your building can support a hanging Master wall. Generally, you need a bearing wall with a header or a concrete structure to mount the pulleys to.

How much space do I need to install a Master wall?

You need 13.5 feet height to get the wall to 20 degrees. But if you don't mind it steeper, 12 feet gets you to 30 degrees.

We recommend 13 x 13 feet of padding/landing space.

How long does it take to assemble a Master Wall?

With 2 people, it takes around a day or less.


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