We've been building and climbing on woodies for going-on 30 years. In the past we'd just find wood, cobble it into place and get stronger. Word spread and some of those first woodies were even featured in videos and posters. There were no standardized dimensions or angles. And they were definitely not adjustable.

Nowadays the standardization of holds, setting patterns, dimensions and angles have revolutionized the woodie. Ask climbers who've spent time training and the vast majority will tell you that a woodie is the cornerstone of a good program. A big part of this is that you're able to train strength and movement comprehensively. Today the ante has been raised again with the addition of LEDs, apps and adjustable angles. Now all of us can connect with the global climbing community to push each other, earn respect and even talk a little smack. Just open the app and find a new challenge. It doesn't matter how good you are, any climber (without exception) can find a problem, done by someone, that will expose a weakness. Oh, and there's one more thing, we're just starting to scratch the surface...

To achieve perfection, precise hold placement and exact angle adjustment is imperative to achieve authenticity across the globe. The engineering for this is complex, the construction is time-consuming. And it's not cheap. Especially to ensure rigidity and stability.

We've created an easy to assemble-and-install, completely adjustable solution. We are confident that when everything is taken into account, our solution becomes the obvious best choice. We back our designs with a 100% money back guarantee.


 *Structural integrity of flooring, walls and beams always needs to be evaluated by your local professional






Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much height do I need to install a Grasshopper Adjustable Framework?

A: At 40 degrees overhanging the you need 128" of clear height.


Q: How much floor space is needed to ensure a good fall-zone?

A: Ideally 13'x13' under the board is recommended. Padding should be between 6"-12" thick.


Q: What are options for push-button adjustability?

A: The GHAF is 100% compatible with actuators (aka hydraulics, pistons, and other misnomers). We recommend sourcing actuators with 1/2" clevis pin attachment points and then consulting your local expert for installation. (*Note that actuators have 15-20 degrees of adjustment range)


Q: How does the Grasshopper stuff ship?

A: We've taken into account shipping and freight into our designs by limiting the length and size of all our components. So we can accommodate to specific needs based on an array of variables like price, convenience, local logistics, etc.


Q: How close to my wall can I mount the Framework?

A: Ideally 18"-24" for convenient access to the back of the wall. But if absolutely necessary (due to space constraints, easements, etc) the framework can be mounted flush against a wall.


Q: How much does the Grasshopper Adjustable Framework weigh?

A: About 300lbs alone and about 575lbs with wood.


Q: How do I know if I can safely secure and suspend a board in my space?

A: We always recommend you consult a local expert to determine sufficient structural integrity.


Q: Once I install a GHAF, is it possible to move it and re-install it in a different spot?

A: Absolutely, it is relatively easy to uninstall, move and re-install. It even breaks down into four easy-to-manage pieces that are just a bit bigger than a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.