Climbing is part of our DNA

Humans climb before we walk. At Grasshopper, we engineer state of the art adjustable climbing walls that ship to your doorstep that you, the customer, can assemble and/or install. 

Our walls are revolutionary because:
• Access to thousands and thousands of crowd-sourced boulder problems
• Beginners can climb at vertical angles and experts at steeper angles                                     
• No dedicated staff or course-setters required
• Fit in less than 300 ft² of floor space
• Are classified as equipment/assets
• Can be relocated easily
A quick recap...

We're climbers. And for decades we, along with many others in our culture have fastened hand-carved wooden holds onto stationary plywood structures (hence, Woodie). Woodies typically have hundreds of holds in a compact area and individual boulder problems consist of a unique path through a selection of those holds. There's no limit to the amount of problems that can be created on a woodie.

Adjustability is the game changer.

In recent years, the standardization of climbing holds, setting patterns, dimensions, angles, and especially LED lights and social apps have revolutionized the woodie. And now, by adjusting the steepness of the wall, everyone can climb and train at their own pace while sharing turns on the same general surface. No need to change the holds. Instead, by adjusting the angle, difficulty and challenge change dramatically. Now, one wall can offer infinite 5.9 circuits and V16 boulders. One wall for all. The relatively small size and ease of use make Grasshopper adjustable walls the obvious choice for homes, offices, institutions, climbing coops and gyms.


Choosing the right wall

Start by answering one critical question: Where does the wall fit? 

Space constraints are real. But rest assured, no matter what the reality is, we have a solution. Our Ninja wall is as simple and functional as it gets. If you've got a spare bedroom, a garage, a piece of dirt out back... the Ninja will work. The bigger walls like the Master and GrandMaster both require a structural floor like a concrete slab or heavy timber. Then we have Hanging or Freestanding solutions. Our Hanging walls are simply, incredible. If you've got a structural wall, uprights or rafters then mount two brackets and suspend your wall like a piece of sculpture. If you don't have anything structural to mount to or if you're in a commercial space and don't want to go through a permitting process, we offer an amazing Freestanding version that just sits on the ground. Our freestanding wall can even be moved around with a pallet jack!

No matter what the case, we're here to provide guidance and engineering documents for virtually any situation imaginable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much height do I need to install a Grasshopper Adjustable Framework?

A: At 40 degrees overhanging the you need 128" of clear height.


Q: How much floor space is needed to ensure a good fall-zone?

A: Ideally 13'x13' under the board is recommended. Padding should be between 8"-12" thick.


Q: How does the Grasshopper stuff ship?

A: Our stuff ships flat via freight on a ~100" x 50" pallet.


Q: How close to my wall can I mount the Framework?

A: We recommend 18"- 30" from a wall or in front of a ceiling truss.


Q: How do I know if I can safely secure and suspend a board in my space?

A: We always recommend you consult a local expert to determine sufficient structural integrity.


Q: Once I install a GHAF, is it possible to move it and re-install it in a different spot?

A: Absolutely can be moved and re-installed. It even breaks down into four easy-to-manage pieces that are just a bit bigger than a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.