Grasshopper Industries specializes in building state of the art adjustable climbing walls.

The Personal Adjustable Climbing Wall (PACW, aka Woodie) is a compact, adjustable bouldering wall where individual climbers take turns trying specific climbing sequences. For decades, avid climbers have fastened hand-carved wooden holds to stationary plywood structures (hence, Woodie). Today, modern PACWs have hundreds of holds in a compact area. Individual boulder problems consist of a pattern of ~6-12 which are lit by LEDs accessed through various social climbing apps. There's no limit to the amount of problems that can be created on modern PACWs.

The standardization of climbing holds, setting patterns, dimensions, angles and especially LED lights and social apps have revolutionized the PACW. Not only are these walls fun, everyone can climb and train at their own pace while sharing turns on the same general surface. The relatively small size of these walls makes them the obvious choice for homes, offices and institutions. But today, most modern climbing gyms are adding two, three or even more PACWs based on popular demand.

As you can imagine, the engineering to make everything fit properly is complex and the construction to build an adjustable wall stable and strong enough to handle forces of a swinging climber is extremely complex. At Grasshopper, we've tried to ease the burden of building and installing PACWs wherever we possibly can. We are confident that when everything is taken into account, our solutions becomes the obvious best choice.


The Process

The process always starts with answering one critical question: Where does the wall fit? -If you've got some empty space, we have a Freestanding self-contained solution that requires only assembly and avoids the need to hire a general contractor.

If Freestanding isn't an option then you have to answer a second critical question: How, (or to what) do I attach the PACW to that can handle the required loads? We have an excellent PACW that can be tied into your infrastructure but it will require the expertise, assessment and verification of your infrastructure by a general contractor. Contact us and we will provide the load requirements.

These one or two previous questions have to be answered by everyone who wants a PACW. The next step entails engineering and building the PACW, and this is where we shine. We produce precise PACWs that assemble in a few hours, are adjustable from 20-70 degrees, are rigid, elegant and that are compliant with all the standard PACW LED/hold formats like Moon, Tension, Kilter and others.




Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much height do I need to install a Grasshopper Adjustable Framework?

A: At 40 degrees overhanging the you need 128" of clear height.


Q: How much floor space is needed to ensure a good fall-zone?

A: Ideally 13'x13' under the board is recommended. Padding should be between 8"-12" thick.


Q: Are Grasshopper boards compatible with actuators?

A: The GHAF is 100% compatible with actuators (aka hydraulics) with 1/2" clevis pin attachment points. Consult your local expert for installation.


Q: How does the Grasshopper stuff ship?

A: Our stuff ships flat via freight on a ~100" x 50" pallet.


Q: How close to my wall can I mount the Framework?

A: We recommend 18"- 30" from a wall or in front of a ceiling truss.


Q: How do I know if I can safely secure and suspend a board in my space?

A: We always recommend you consult a local expert to determine sufficient structural integrity.


Q: Once I install a GHAF, is it possible to move it and re-install it in a different spot?

A: Absolutely can be moved and re-installed. It even breaks down into four easy-to-manage pieces that are just a bit bigger than a 4'x8' sheet of plywood.